AGES 3.5 to 11

Registration is now open for fun, creative camp experiences at the Suncoast Waldorf School
June 26 to August 4th, 2017

Waldorf inspired summer camps are offered during the summer months on Suncoast Waldorf School’s oak-shaded campus.  This year’s camps will include options for Early Childhood and the Grades children. Weekly themed activities and projects encompass indoor and outdoor activities, water fun and a group bonfire or picnic lunch on Fridays. The classrooms will enjoy a faux campfires for a relaxing  "camping" feel.  

Suncoast Waldorf School
1857 Curlew Road, Palm Harbor, FL 34685
Tel: 727.786.8311        Email:

Early Childhood Camps (age 3.5-6)  runs from 9:00am to 12:30pm, Monday through Friday with an option to
sign-up for aftercare until 3:00pm.
Snack and materials provided.

Half-day: $125/week   July 4th week cost will be $100.
Full-day: $175/week    July 4th week cost will be $140.

Grades Camps (ages 7 – 11) runs from 9:00am-3:00pm,
Monday through Friday.  Materials provided.

Full-day: $175/week.  July 4th week cost will be $140.



Farm to Table 

June 26-30

EC: Children will learn about a seed’s journey from the earth to our table and all the care that it needs to grow from the shining sun to the hardworking farmer. The children will appreciate their role in its journey as they prep and measure healthy ingredients, decorate and taste their delicious creations. 
Grades: Hands on fun in the kitchen where aspiring mini chefs and bakers will learn the components of a healthy recipe, measure ingredients and prepare a dish. They will  have fun exploring creative food decorating and presentation.

This session includes a daily 45min ukulele lesson!



July 3-7

EC: Children will  try simple handwork activities with yarn, including finger knitting, nature inspired yarn crafts and more.

Grades: Children will learn a variety of handwork techniques such as finger knitting, knitting with needles, crochet and needle felting.  Projects will be creative and useful so the children can appreciate their creations in their everyday lives.

This session includes a daily 45min ukulele lesson!

Creative Re-Engineering

July 10-14

EC:  Little ones will have a variety of household items and parts to repurpose into a new creative projects or use their imaginations to incorporate  them into their play.

Grades:  Healthy deconstruction!  Children will be deconstructing electronics and other gadgets, then repurposing the collected pieces into creative projects.  Participants will learn to use household tools, including guided use of minor power tools such as an electric screwdriver and soldering iron

Weave & Loom 

July 17-21

EC:  Children will  learn the basics of weaving and create loom projects to bring home. We will explore all the ways and places we can find color and pattern inspirations - in nature, at home or from pictures!

Grades: If it can be woven, we will weave it!  Children will learn basic weaving techniques, then be able to experiment with their new skills.  When weaving outdoors, they can choose to enhance their forts with woven roofs and fences and creative outdoor decorating.  They will have a variety of looms to use indoors to create nature-inspired décor, accessories and other projects to bring home.


July 24-28

EC: Children will forage in nature to find natural building materials such as rocks, sticks and leaves for the construction of their little house! Using glue and yarn, they will  build a tiny home for the gnomes or a birdhouse for their winged friends outside.

Grades: Using traditional hand tools to cut and prep the wood, children will learn how to design and construct  a project from start to finish. Children will develop practical woodworking skills and gain confidence  to tackle do-it-yourself projects at home.

Adventuring in Art

July 31-Aug 4

Both EC & Grades: Children will have the opportunity to discover and experiment with several  art crafting methods. They will learn basic techniques with a variety of media and materials including acrylic and wet-on-wet watercolor painting, sculpting with beeswax and clay, paper mache, wet felting, and needle sewing.  By the end of the week, they will have a treasure trove of art to be enjoyed for years to come.

Our oak-shaded campus in Palm Harbor is a perfect setting for play!